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Want PDF instructions? Click the PDF icon!

Welcome! Let's begin. First, click the link below:

You will then be taken to a website that looks like this:


















Feel free to read more about the program.

 World Community Grid is supported by IBM and is completely secure. Every day they update the program to make it safer. It will also not use your battery if you are installing World Community Grid on a laptop, as it only functions when is it plugged in. When you are done reading, click the button that says “Join 764K volunteers now.”

 You will then need to create an account. Enter an email and a password and click the accept terms button, and hit Next.





You then will be asked to choose projects you will participate in.

 Please only select the “Mapping Cancer Markers” and the “Smash Childhood Cancer” projects. 

Hit Next.




The program will then automatically download. Click on the download icon to start the Package Installer.



If the window below pops up, keep following the instructions. If it doesn't, click here.









Oh no!!!!!! The program was blocked. Don’t worry though, it's completely safe. To open the program:

Open System Preferences and click on “Security and Privacy.”



Hit “Open Anyway” and click OK on the window that pops up.

If your computer has an administrator, you may need to have them enter their password.


This window will then pop-up:





Double-Click the World Community Grid Installer file to open the Package Installer!





Click Continue.




















This is just some tech information about the program. Click Continue.














Now, you will need to accept the terms. Click Continue and hit Agree.






















Now you will need to choose the hard drive to install the program on. If you only have one, click Continue. If you have multiple, click on the hard drive you want to install the program on and click Continue.



















Now, its time to install! Click on the Install button to begin the install.

During the install, windows may pop-up. If you have multiple accounts one will ask you if a non-admin account can control the program. No matter what, one will ask you if you want to install a screensaver. You can either hit yes or no.



This window will pop-up if everything goes right:





The program will automatically launch and download some cancer markers to map. When it is running, it should look like this:




That's it! You will now be helping my team help find better cancer treatment options for people like my dad. 

If you want, click on the red X to close out the window. Don't worry, it will still be running. 


Want to support cancer research even more? Share the website with your friends.

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